No other automotive forensics service can match the experience, expertise, and integrity of S. D. Lyons.


In the specialized field of Automotive Forensics and Accident Reconstruction, experience leads the way to a high-quality investigation. Since 1990, S. D. Lyons has steadily built its current team by seeking highly qualified individuals with exemplary credentials and years of combined related service in the automotive and engineering fields.

Our team has investigated thousands of motor vehicle accidents, fires, mechanical failures, thefts, and vandalism incidents and provides expert court testimony in trials and arbitrations throughout most of New England


Our Accredited Accident Reconstructionists and Automotive Forensic Technicians are experts in their industry, with a unique mix of backgrounds, hands-on experience, and specific areas of expertise.

Our 21,000 square-foot facility includes lifts and inspection areas, a microscopic lock analysis laboratory, diagnostic equipment, and a garage facility with storage capacity.

With our team of experts and our high-tech facilities, S. D. Lyons is equipped to handle inspection and dismantling, and digitally map an accident scene.

Our services include:
• Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
• Vehicle Theft Analysis
• Vehicle Fire Analysis
• Mechanical Failure Analysis


Nothing matters more than getting to the truth. At S. D. Lyons, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring the utmost in professionalism throughout all of our investigations.